Photo Gallery

Caley get a doodle puppy! Meet Bodhi. 

Sister love. 

Inspired by SOUL for Caley (CJBF & Soul Cycle fundraiser Sept 2014), Caley learns to ride a bike! 

Pony Party! Caley celebrated her 6th birthday at Halleck Creek. The day was perfect- spent with good friends, enjoying delicious cupcakes and riding horses! Happy Trails! 

Thanks Halleck Creek for hosting the best birthday ever!   

Halloween 2012- Caley "Cat in the Hat" and her twin sissy's, Thing 1 & Thing 2

7/23/2012- Welcome babies!! Mom delivers healthy, full term twin girls! Avery and Mason Brown.  Caley loves being a big sister! 

In the first week of February, Caley set sail to the Mexican Rivera aboard the magnificent Disney Wonder cruise ship. She soaked up the sun, sat front row at musical productions and was adored by all the Disney characters and crew. It was truly a magical trip for everyone (Mom, Dad, Auntie J, Unco Christo, and nurses Lou Lou and Ellen), but especially Caley J.!

Caley at the helm of Sojourn sailing on the San Francisco Bay. 

Caley enjoyed a trip to the San Diego Zoo while spending her summer vacation in Del Mar California. 

Good times with Gramps and Great-Uncle Todd at the Paul Thorn BBQ at Rancho Aug 2011

Caley in her pacer/walker at school. Caley has shown a lot of improvement taking steps in her walker. It takes her awhile to make her way around, but she has a great time trying! 

Caley took her first bus ride to school! Although this was a 

tough day for Mom and Dad, having to let Caley go by 

herself, it was a great day for Caley! Something new and 

fun for her and now she can learn to associate the bus

 with school! 

Caley has been participating in hippo therapy. She has a special relationship with her therapists and especially with Stormy! It has been wonderful to watch her make progress mentally and physically from hippo therapy. 

Halloween 2010-

Auntie J and Mommy dressed up like farmers and showed off

their adorable prize piggy! We had a great night trick-or-

treating with friends! 

Chicago Christmas 2009. Our most blissful Christmas day ever! Huge fluffy snowflakes fell all day and made soft piles of snow that reflected the colors of the Christmas lights. Max took Caley out to play in the snow for the first time and they made snow angels together.